If You Want to Create a Cult-Like Following of True Believers Who Will Seek You Out, Trust Your Advice and Buy From You Again and Again - Then This Program Was Created for You.

The most powerful writing program available for entrepreneurs, ghostwriters and content creators whose incomes rely on their ability to build deep, meaningful connections with their audience.

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Two kinds of writing will make you money as an entrepreneur.

Persuasive writing and Influential writing. They are NOT the same thing.

Persuasive writing is commonly referred to as copywriting. It’s what all the “make money online” gurus claim is a magic pill that can solve all of your marketing problems.

Social media post not getting any traction? You just need a better hook.

Sales page not converting? Your copy must not be persuasive enough. Add more testimonials and another free bonus.

Nobody reads your emails? You need to provide more “value”. (whatever that means)

If you’re looking to improve your copywriting skills there are plenty of people who can teach you how to do it.

I teach a copywriting clinic every year that will run you $3,000 and it’s worth every penny.

Luckily for you…

This is Not a Copywriting Course

This goes way beyond the “Pretty Headlines” and the usual copywriting and persuasion strategies everyone else is teaching.

We’re going to go deep into the psychology of influence. The kind of stuff that's only whispered about in private conversations and $100k/yr mastermind groups but never gets shared with the outside world.

The kind of writing that can instantly create a lasting emotional bond with your clients and prospects — allowing you to connect with them on a level most professional copywriters could only dream about.

The Truth is, copywriting was born out of a need to rapidly build trust and desire in someone you have no previous relationship with. It is the HARDEST form of marketing - like trying to sell security systems door-to-door.

And having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, here’s what I know:

Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Want To Be Copywriters

Most Entrepreneurs Don’t

Want To Be Copywriters

They don’t want to spend their days trying to convince cold prospects to give them money.

Would you??

What they want is to have a legion of fans who know, like and trust them - waving money in the air - begging to buy whatever they’re offered.

Now doesn’t that sound nice? OF COURSE IT DOES!

That’s the dream baby! To wake up every morning to a mountain of sales and a stack of emails from people who want to give you money.

But copywriting isn’t the best way to make that dream a reality.

What if I told you there was a way of writing that would make your copy, (no matter how bad) 100-times more effective - without changing a word?

No tricks. No gimmicks. I’m talking about the same words, delivered to the same person at the same time and getting a 100X increase in your sales.

It’s called Influential Writing.

Influential Writing is NOT Copywriting

Influential writing is about reinforcement and validation far more than persuasion.

When you write to influence you aren’t trying to convince anyone of anything. You are trying to build trust and rapport with your audience so they will lower their defenses and accept your wisdom and judgment without question.

You don’t build that kind of relationship with sales copy.

You build it by creating a deep and meaningful connection with your audience long before they ever have a chance to spend money with you.

What? You’re Telling Me It’s More Valuable Than Copy That Sells?

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m telling you. Influential writing is a set of skills that allow you to:

1. Share your ideas in a way that sucks your customers and clients into your world, so they instantly trust you.

2. Hold your audience’s interest on you continuously - so you can build a tribe of qualified customers clients and prospects who will buy from you again and again.

3. Building a predictable and sustainable business that creates CERTAINLY and eliminates stress for you.

4. Open someone’s mind to new ideas so they believe what they need to believe before they do business with you.

5. Create the highest level of trust and rapport possible - allowing you to sell more products and get more clients.

6. Establish unquestionable authority - so you’re seen as the ‘go-to’ person in your industry, making you more money in less time.

7. Create a deep and meaningful bond with your audience - the key to attracting more lifetime clients and customers to your business.

Now is the Critical Time for You

to Master These Skills

Now is the Critical Time for You to Master These Skills

Today our society is drowning in information.

Most of that information can be classified as digital noise. Useless, time-wasting distractions that creators are trying to pawn off as “value”.

Brands and Influencers have figured out that the best way to get noticed is to create more "noise" than anyone else.

And while our world is drowning in low-grade information, it’s starving for wisdom.

We’re more connected than we’ve ever been, but we still long for meaningful human interaction. Unfortunately, AI is going to make finding wisdom and human connection harder than ever.

Too many people see AI as a shortcut to producing more low-grade content in an attempt to stand out.

Others are using artificial intelligence to deceive their followers with deep fakes, voice replication, AI appointment setters and computer-generated articles the creators are claiming as their own.

Trust in the digital world is collapsing at the exact moment humanity needs each other the most.

In the years to come it won’t be massive amounts of content that win the battle for attention.

It will be genuine people sharing truth and wisdom with Integrity.

If you want to stand out in the years to come you can't rely on software or shortcuts. You need to master the skill of influence for yourself.

You see...

Your Audience

Doesn’t Want More Information

Your Audience Doesn’t

Want More Information

What they want is FAITH.

Faith in themselves and their abilities. Faith in you. Faith that “your way” is right for them. Faith that if they trust in you the outcome will be certain.

Checklists and frameworks can give your audience confidence, but not faith.

Testimonials and a snapshot of your stripe account might persuade them to take action but it cannot give them faith.

To have faith your prospects must feel they know you on a deep and intimate level.

The kind of trust that only exists between close friends. Influential writing allows us to create this kind of bond.

And here’s the best part…

Influential Writing Makes Copywriting Unnecessary

Influential Writing Makes

Copywriting Unnecessary

I know how difficult that is to believe. It goes against everything you’ve been taught.

But it’s true and I can prove it to you.

A couple of months ago a friend of mine moved into my neighborhood. One afternoon he called me and asked,

“Hey man, who’s your internet provider? Are you happy with your service?”

I told him who it was and that I was very happy with them. He said “Thanks”, hung up the phone, and immediately signed up with that provider.

He didn’t spend two days pouring over the sales copy on each of the providers’ websites. He didn’t spend hours comparing plans, prices and contract terms.

He had a problem (no internet), and he wanted it solved as quickly as possible. He didn’t want to think about it. He just wanted it done.

The internet company hadn’t spent any time building a relationship with him. So he had no faith in the claims they made on their website.

On the other hand, I have spent hundreds of hours with my friend. We have a trust that’s been built over time.

Investing the time to learn the skill of influential writing can 100X your sales - even if you don’t change a word of your sales copy.

Plus, writing is a lot more fun when you’re not spending every second trying to convince your reader to buy something.

You Will NOT Find a Better Mentor To Teach You These Skills

You Will NOT Find a Better Mentor

To Teach You These Skills

Not because I’m the greatest writer in the world. But for the exact opposite reason.

Hi, my name is Jason Stapleton and up until a few years ago I would have classified myself as “barely literate”. 98% of the knowledge I consumed was either podcasts or audiobooks because reading was a serious struggle.

Any word bigger than one syllable required spell check, which meant handwritten cards or letters were out of the question.

I confused words like “they’re” and “their” all the time. I was embarrassed to the point that I refused to even work on my writing for fear I’d never be good enough to call myself adequate.

I studied influence techniques from the greats - Dale Carnegie, Robert Cialdini and Robert Greene…

But I would always convert my writing into a video or slideshow because I was so self-conscious.

Then in 2017 everything changed.

That was the year I decided to go solo. I left the company I had founded 8 years earlier and went out on my own. All of a sudden I didn’t have people in the office to check my emails for misspellings or clean up my sales pages to make them readable.

My back was against the wall. I had already mastered the skill of influence. What I needed to do was learn how to write.

So in 2018, I committed to writing every day. To hold myself accountable I decided I would send out an email to my list each day.

These couldn’t just be your typical “buy my stuff” emails. If I did that my audience would unsubscribe in mass. It had to be quality content that my followers wanted to read.

And that’s what I did. I wrote, every day. It was bad at first. But I just kept going. I also read several books on writing that helped me improve almost overnight.

(I’ll share those books with you during the Intensive)

By the end of the year, I was a new man. Not only had my writing and confidence improved…

…So had my bank account.

It turns out that writing to my list every day resulted in more sales. A LOT more.

Who knew?

But learning the skill of influential writing isn’t just about confidence and making money.

Learning To Write Well Does More Than Improve Your Confidence and Bank Account

Learning To Write Well Does More

Than Improve Your Confidence

and Bank Account

  • It helps you gain a deeper understanding of your audience.
  • Writing helps you organize your values and beliefs more clearly making it easier for your audience to understand.
  • It's less expensive than video or podcasting.
  • You appear more educated and professional - instantly increasing the respect and admiration others show you.
  • Learning influential writing techniques like framing, metaphor and storytelling provides you a more versatile skillset than generic influence tactics.
  • It helps you think more clearly
  • It reduces the time you spend creating content.
  • Learning to write well makes it easier for you to expand into larger formats like books.

But Influencing Someone

Sounds Unethical...

But Influencing Someone

Sounds Unethical...

I get it. If you’re new you might think that training yourself in the ways of a master influencer might be unethical or underhanded.

I felt that way when I was starting out.

But the more I learned the more I came to realize that influence is the most ethical way to get people to do what you want.

Influence is simply:

“The ability to modify or control someone’s thoughts, beliefs or actions without persuasion, coercion or manipulation.”

You don’t have to lie, threaten or use force. If you do you’re not influencing. You’re manipulating (lying) or coercing (threatening).

Having influence means you’ve built a level of trust and affinity so deep that the person will act on your advice without thinking.

Let me give you another example that will help make it clear...

Imagine your best friend is taking you to a restaurant you’ve never been to. Your friend has been there many times and as you stare blankly at the menu trying to decide what to order your friend says,

“If it’s your first time here you have to try the pulled pork sandwich. It’s the best thing on the menu.”

Without hesitation you say, “Sounds good to me.” and slam your menu shut.

All your mind did (either consciously or unconsciously) was ask…

1. Do I trust this person? (yes)

2. Do I like pulled pork sandwiches? (yes)

3. Is it easier to take my friend’s advice rather than struggle to find something I might like better? (YES)

That entire process took no more than half a second.

That is what having influence means. It’s not about trickery or deception. It’s about faith and trust.

Trust that you will not lead your prospect astray, and faith that if they follow your lead they’ll be happy with the result they get.

It is a skill that gives you unimaginable power over others.

And it's what you'll learn to do in the Influential Writers Intensive. So let’s jump into the details…

Ok, I’m Convinced. Tell Me About the Influential Writers Intensive

Ok, I’m Convinced. Tell Me About

the Influential Writers Intensive

The Influential Writers Intensive is a 4-week, hands-on program to teach you the art and science of influential writing.

It is based on the ’18 Principles of Influential Writing’ I’ve developed over my 15 years of writing for profit.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You’ll Learn

  • The '18 Principles for Influential Writing' that have made me more than $20 million over the last 15 years.
  • 8 tricks that will reduce your writing time by 80% - allowing you to create content in minutes rather than hours.
  • 6 simple changes you can make to your writing today that will make you more interesting and entertaining. - Writing isn’t hard despite what your high school English teacher told you. A few simple changes can turn any bad writer into a pro.
  • A powerful formula to help you create an ironclad reputation.
  • Why “story” trumps “facts” every time - This is what separates the truly influential from everyone else.
  • The only two things you need in a story to make it irresistible.
  • Killer openers - 11 examples from both fiction and non-fiction that you can use to hook your audience from the first sentence.
  • The secret to making people fascinated with you - Think Ryan Renolds, Tucker Carlson, Andrew Tate, Dwayne Johnson and Kim Kardashian…love them or hate them, people are fascinated with them. But do you know why? I’ll show you the template you need to follow.
  • Secrets of famous Hollywood screenwriters like Andrew Sorkin and Blake Snyder that will ensure every word you write turns to cash.
  • How to narrow the focus of your writing so you can have maximum influence over your clients and prospects
  • You’ll learn the 2 categories all people fall into and how to gain instant rapport and trust with both.
  • The 7 hidden addictions we all have and how to use them to create a tribe of people who will sing your praises and blindly follow your advice.

Ideas and Examples from Trump, Andrew Tate, Lewis Howes, Tim Ferriss, And MORE

Ideas and Examples from Trump, Andrew Tate,

Lewis Howes, Tim Ferriss, And MORE

All of those people have achieved a ‘cult following’. Love them or hate them, you need to study them because they use the same principles you’ll learn in this program to create and maintain their following.

During the Intensive you’ll learn my formulas for rapid rapport-building so you can shortcut the time it takes to earn your prospect's trust.

And you’ll also discover the most profitable list-building and herd-building strategies I know that most entrepreneurs and content creators stubbornly ignore.

Here’s Everything That’s Included

  • 24 On-Demand Videos Covering the 18 Principles of Influential Writing.
  • Close to 8 Hours of Instruction.
  • 20 Writing Exercises to hone your skills as an influential writer.
  • 5 LIVE Question and Answer Sessions totaling up to 10 hours of virtual coaching.
  • Access to the IWI Community so you can connect and network with other students.
  • A 68-page Handbook so you can quickly reference what you’ve learned.
  • A Downloadable Audio Version of the Entire Program so you can learn on the go.

Here's How the Intensive Is Structured

I’ve broken the intensive into 4 stages.

Stage 1 - The Psychology of Your Audience

Before you can even hope to influence someone we first need to know who they are. As I said earlier, influential writing isn’t about persuasion. It’s about validating and reinforcing what your prospect already believes. That means we need to know what those beliefs are before we can start influencing.

Sage 2 - Building Your Reputation and Voice

Once you know what your prospect believes you’ll need to define who you are and why they should trust you.

You’ll need to find your ‘voice’.

Are you tough but honest or flexible and considerate?

Are you grumpy and introverted or optimistic and outgoing?

Knowing exactly how you want your prospect to perceive you is important because everything you say and do when communicating with them matters.

Stage 3 - Principles of Storytelling

People will not remember your 4-step process or the 8 things you learned that transformed your life. But they will remember the stories you tell and how those stories made them feel.

Anyone can be a good storyteller but when we’re writing to influence our stories have a specific purpose. In stage 3 you’ll learn exactly how to tell an influential story.

Stage 4 - Ensuring They Stick

Ultimately we want to create clients for life. It’s very easy to cancel a subscription. It’s almost impossible to cancel a relationship. So in stage 4, I’ll give you some tools that will ensure your clients stick around and buy from you again and again.

What Are the Dates and Schedule?

Intensive Dates

The Intensive will run from May 1st - June 1st, 2024.

Kickoff Meeting

We’ll start things off with a LIVE Kickoff meeting on May 1st @5PM

Course Material and Writing Assignments

All of the course material and daily writing exercises will be available to you as soon as you enroll so you won’t have to wait until May 1st to get started.

Weekly Q&A

Every Wednesday we’ll hold a LIVE Q&A session where I will personally review your writing and answer any questions you might have about the course material.

Community Chat

You’ll also have access to our group chat where you’ll meet and interact with your fellow students.

Who’s A Good Fit For This Program?

  • Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners who think long-term
  • Content Creators (Bloggers, Vloggers, Podcasters)
  • Coaches (Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Fitness Coaches)
  • Wealth Managers who want to attract more high-net clients without having to market
  • Authors who want to sell more books
  • Freelance Writers who want to stand out from the competition.
  • Ghostwriters who need to be able to write in someone else’s voice.
  • Copywriters & Marketing Professionals who want to increase their sales and conversions without constantly spending money on ads.
  • Public Relations Professionals whose income is dependent on their ability to influence public perception.
  • Speech Writers who want to turn crowds into ride-or-die disciples.
  • Lawyers & Paralegals who want to win big at trial.
  • Real Estate Agents who need to maintain a connection with their clients between home sales.

What About The Cost?

Ah, now to price. How much should you willingly and enthusiastically pay for a program of this caliber?

Consider this...

What would it be worth to build a bond so strong your clients never questioned your intentions or your advice and bought from you on command?

How much would you pay for your sales calls to stop feeling like a battle and start feeling like a partnership?

Consider the value of a program that could 100X the results you get from the promotions and offers you’re already making - just in the next 12 months.

Take a minute and come up with that number.

Got it? Okay, hold that number in your mind…

Now take that number and multiply it by the number of working years you have left. Say, 30 years?

What is that number? Is it $1 MILLION? $10 MILLION?

$100 MILLION??

Let’s be conservative and say it’s $1,000,000. What would you be willing to invest today to make that million dollars…

…while removing all the stress and friction from your sales process.

Would you invest $5,000 to make $1,000,000? That’s 1/2 of 1%. Maybe that’s too high. Maybe a 19,900% ROI isn’t worth it to you. 🙄

What about $3,000? Over the next 12 months, that’s only $8.33 a day.

Could you come up with $8.33 a day for the next year if it meant making an extra million dollars?

If you said no you’re not right for this program. You’re either destitute or you’ve got a mindset that won’t allow you to succeed.

I think $5,000 is a steal and I’d be giving it away at $3,000.

But I also have to consider that this is the first time I’m running an intensive like this. I know there will be some hiccups along the way.

I also want to make this program accessible to as many people as possible. It’s that important. And let’s face it, some people don’t have 5 grand lying around to invest in themselves.

So I’ve decided you’re NOT going to pay $5,000.

You’re not going to pay $3,000.

Or $2,000 or even $1,000.

For one time only, your investment for this intensive is only $495.

And if that’s a stretch I’ve got a way for you to stretch the payments out and invest as little as $100 per month.

That comes out to just $3.33 a day.

That makes this offer an absolute no-brainer.

Plus, Get My Emil Income Crash Course Absolutely FREE! ($200 Value)

In this 3-hour workshop, I'll teach you how to apply what you've learned in the Intensive to your email marketing...

So you can start profiting from your new skills as an influential writer immediately.

You'll Learn:

  • How to write personality-driven emails like Jason uses for his business.
  • 12 ‘Idea Generators’ to ensure you never suffer from writers block. (even if you write every day like I do)
  • When to promote vs. when to build relationships.
  • The 6 rules for writing cash-generating email copy that most email marketers ignore.
  • The 4 types of emails Jason uses and when to use them.
  • How to sell in every email and have your readers thank you for the opportunity to buy.


I'll teach you 10 different ways to grow an email list of rabid followers who will anxiously wait to hear from you each day.

This is perfect for anyone who has a small list (or no list at all) but wants to start monetizing their writing immediately.

Bonus #2: My Custom Writing Library to Organize All Your Writing in One Place

Bonus #3: Tribe-Building Secrets:

How to Build (and Grow) an Email List

of People Who Spend Money

Email marketing is hands down the most profitable marketing you can do.

No email list? No Problem.

As a special bonus, I'm going to teach you how to build an email list of people with money.

Combined with the skills you'll learn in the Writing Intensive along with my Email Income Crash Course - you'll have everything you need to start profiting from your writing.

Is There a Guarantee?

If you’re the type of person who needs a guarantee before you'll invest $3.33 a day in yourself then I’d prefer you not join this intensive.

You either aren’t in a financial position to profit from what I have to teach you or you’re the type of petty person who uses a calculator when they tip.

I’m very hands-on with my students so I only want to work with cool people with great attitudes. Not some petty nickel-and-dime Karen who sucks the joy out of living.

That being said, I stand behind my programs. I have a standing policy of giving full refunds anytime someone asks. It’s a policy without an expiration date.

None of that 30-day, money-back-guarantee bullshit that forces you to make a decision before you’ve had time to implement anything.

Here Is What You MUST Do Now

Click on the button below and select which payment option that works best for you.

Immediately after you enroll, I’ll send you an email with details on how to access the program and our writing community.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

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PAINFULLY OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER: My results aren't even on the same planet as "typical." Pulling this off was HARD and it STILL takes work. It's not like I get to just sit around all day and count money. And no matter how good the instructions are, the average person who gets/consumes/buys any "business building" materials rarely gets any results. Kind of like how the average person who buys the fitness gizmo on TV rarely looks like the person in the commercials. Anyway - you get the point. No income claims are made or implied. I can show you what's working for me but please don't take it as an insinuation that the average person will do the same. I have no clue what the average person (or anyone) will do. I think it's safe to assume the answer is "nothing."